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why do aBA businesses trust Agile tech?

We're a partner which helps plan your business future

Our accountants aren't locked in a box. Not only do we understand your industry, we're experts in it. Unlike our generalist counterparts, we are specialists - experts who will tell you what you need to know, cover your blind spots and help you focus on what matters in your business.

Your Accountant, isn’t locked in a box once a year or once a month

We are with you every step of the way
After meeting with hundreds of behavioral health entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges most faced with their Accountants/CPAs…lack of communication, a new bill for every phone call, lack of experience about the industry, and the list goes on… 

The truth is, most accountants are generalist. They don’t have a need to be experts at any one thing so they are scattered. The bad news is when they do provide guidance it is based on general information not specific to your situation and circumstances. 

Here at AgileTech we made it a priority to not only be experts but to stand out as one. That way we can serve you the best way possible with as many touchpoints as you need.

An expert that tells you what you need to know, and how involved you need to be in the solution.

Dedicated Accounting Specialists For Behavioral Businesses
Many business owners did not go to school to be accountants or financial experts so they tend to outsource to trusted advisors or hire internally. 

We want you to run your business while we provide you financial direction for your organization. 

What we don’t know tend to get left in the wind until there is fire that we need to take out…trust our financial experts to build you the accounting team that will be fire proof.

A strategic partner that covers your blindspot even when you don’t care to look.

You can trust that an expert has your back
Many business owners don’t consider the implications of not doing strategic planning. Most are held up in today’s operations and do not steer their business to an ultimate goal. 

What if I told you, you can go on a journey but not alone. We can help you strategically plan for the future.

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We're a partner which helps plan your business future

Our dream is to give behavioral health professionals the tools to Fulfill their strategic vision.

  • Modernized & automated bookkeeping
  • Accurate and timely Numbers
  • Proactive guidance and expertise
  • Predictable, flat-rate monthly pricing
Specialist Accountants for your behavioral business

Meet the Agiletech Team

Romeo Clarke
Owner, CPA & CFO

Romeo has worked with fortune 100 executives as a financial advisor and top management constant. He has dedicated numerous years in public accounting. He realized that the larger organizations that have the financial resources to hire the financial teams often do so because they know the difference the team can make in their organization. Small and medium size businesses should invest in the same at a smaller scale. They should focus on making sure their financial house are in order and scale accordingly. Today, a lot of his time is spent educating CEOs and executives of small and medium size businesses on the importance of setting up their accounting departments.

One of his passions is to educate behavioral health professionals and entrepreneurs about the importance of setting up their accounting department. He has strategically directed over 50 Behavioral Health providers and set-up their accounting department with internal controls.

His wife is a BCBA and owns an ABA clinic so he sees first-hand the challenges and obstacles faced in operations. He can advise you on what’s not working, what can work and how to make it work. If you are ready to get your company out of a financial position that’s not ideal, getting our accounting team to take over will allow you the peace of mind and the know how to get ahead of financial challenges.

Courtney Chapman

Courtney joined our team in 2021 as a Executive Administrative Assistant. In this position, she had the opportunity to learn about AgileTech's business operations, clients, and processes. She later became a project manager, fielding all client questions, scheduling meetings, and ensuring that our clients were having successful engagements. With a background of over 15 years in customer service and process development, Courtney's naturally shifted into becoming AgileTech's Operations Manager. Currently, she assists with day-to-day operations, develops company-wide processes and workflows, serves as a Client Success Manager, and oversees HR and training of staff members.